New solo show - Paintings In Wine And Coffee

After a long time and a rough year personally, I've finally set up a new studio (pics to come soon!) and have booked a solo show.

It's in an awesome venue, Melbourne's Vaudeville theatre Speakeasy HQ. I'll be exhibiting only artworks painted with coffee and wine, which will have a theatre/musical type of theme to them. I'm still working on a lot of paintings for it, all of which will be fairly small in size and framed.

 The exhibit opening will be in true theatre style, featuring a presentation and Q&A session. I will more than likely need a bit of wine-induced-courage as I DREAD public speaking...

The piano artwork in the above pic is painted in a mix of cab shiraz, shiraz and rioja but it wasn't dry when I took the pic. Wine and coffee are a right pain to paint with and tend to move around/change when you think you've finished with them, so I keep an eye on them daily and make changes as necessary. 


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I need another coffee.....