Deep Dream... WTF is that Google?

I was happily working on my website, quickly checked facebook and stumbled across Google's latest.... actually I'm not even sure what it is. Having just watched Ex Machina (a sci-fi film about artificial intelligence) and spending the past couple of weeks immersed in code (that I don't understand) building my website, this freaked me out. 

Google has created an artificial neural network, not really an AI but still pretty odd. It has a tonne of applications for future use (which I won't pretend to understand, other than it's maths that recognises speech and classifies images), but it also creates trippy pictures from images.
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In my opinion, it seems to be obsessed with dogs and eyes.
spaghetti dogs via twitter
via google
Top: Input image. Bottom: output image made using a network trained on places by MIT Computer Science and AI Laboratory.
Dubbed 'deep dream'; the artificial neural network will use it's algorithms and basically dream up stuff, morphing your image into something else entirely. Usually something horrendously creepy.

Aaaah, Dali would be so proud! Or possibly annoyed... who knows?

If you want to check out more about the Google neural network, check out this article . Or, if you want to create your own Deep Dream image go to this site - you'll just need days of patience.

People are even running film through it with pretty interesting results. Oh, and just to make things even stranger, someone actually put 'Fear and Loathing' through it. Yeah, it's creepy as. 


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