Art Gardens - A Bohemian Paradise in St Kilda

it was a perfect day to be at Luna Park

When my long time friend Bex visited us in Melbourne for the weekend, we decided to take her to Luna Park. After lots of shrieking like little girls and with sore faces from grinning so much, we spotted the Community gardens & studio in St Kilda, just across the road from Luna Park (called Veg Out).

it looks cute and ramshackle from the street
The brightly coloured DIY sign proclaimed 'open, all welcome' and we cautiously poked our heads around the corner of the gate. The garden was a beautiful little oasis, brimming with scultpures, plants, visitors and birds.

a pirate ship garden bed
rustic rosemary hedge

these adorable mushrooms are each carved from a single log. wow

so many lemons on one tree!!
We spent a lot of time wandering round finding cute little spaces while my hubby sat on a bench and checked his phone.
I'll bet he didn't expect me to take a photo and stick it on my blog. lol
They even have chickens, birds and guinea pigs!

this little bird was super curious. maybe he expected me to feed him, I dunno

I definitely found some inspiration for more coffee birds!

cute guinea pigs eating food that I'm assuming was grown here

and yes, that IS a chicken roosting on an angel's lap
 I definitely want to go back soon and see what other cute things I can be inspired by.
this is the biggest rosemary plant I've seen. Thanks Bex for providing some perspective :D

Bex on a happy bench under some happy sunflowers


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