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Leading up to my wedding, and then a couple of months afterwards, I got pretty slack with my art. In particular, I got slack with my studio organisation.... It turned into a DIY zone for wedding projects and basically looked like a bomb site. When I wanted to paint, I would hunt through all the clutter and drag what I needed downstairs to paint on the kitchen table. Not good.

the 'wet area' where it's OK to drop my pallete on the floor upside down... with frames and artworks stored behind the blue screen
my work table with a view
painting supplies!! and yes, music is essential :)
So, over a few days I FINALLY organised it. It looks super pretty now, all my stuff is organised and labelled and I've even left a decent amount of space for current projects. I also turned the 'garage gallery' into not only an artwork display zone but also storage for all my completed stuff, as well as a shipping station with bubble wrap, stamps and other things. 
a few brushes & pallettes
paints, of different colours, ages, brands and consistencies
other mediums

additives, metal leaf, varnish & masking
coffee & wine paint supplies, & water jars etc
files, more supplies and small frame storage. fun....

I didn't take a 'before' photo because I was way too embarrassed. There's still a big box of wedding stuff I still have to do (make a book with the cards, frame my bouquet etc.) but overall it's a pretty, easy to work in space.

The garage gallery is still a work in progress but here's a sneak peek:

garage gallery sneak peek

My next exhibit isn't until September, so if you want to check out my works in person and enjoy a latte (or wine) click here to contact me and set up a time to come round to my studio. It's about 5 minutes walk from Tooronga Station in Melbourne, Australia. Otherwise you can sign up to my newsletter by clicking here to get info on upcoming exhibits and other stuff.
view from the balcony


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