Soundwave Festival 2015

So we went to Soundwave Festival in Melbourne February 21st & 22nd. It was, as expected, EPIC!

Despite being ridiculously hungover post birthday celebratory drinks (thus missing out on Apocalyptica) and the lack of transport home, it was an awesome weekend and I managed to stay hydrated and not get sunburnt!
Lamb Of God were amazing, complete with circle mosh
Key-tar & synchronized jumping from Dragonforce

Beautiful Incubus
2 days in the sun
Good old Fear Factory
Godflesh, just 2 amazing guys
We caught the last song of Terror Universal, a Rob Zombie cover
Slipknot.... stole the show as usual. It's a terrible photo, but they had the most EPIC stage set up. We were right the way back, avoiding the rain and the expected hail storm by hiding under  the roof.
Marilyn Manson, always an odd ball
Godsmack, bringing back good old high school memories.

I definitely like it heavy, and have managed to turn my husband into a metal head too. He just won't join me too close to the front for fear of being dragged into the middle of the mosh.


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